The grass isn’t always greener…..

Mark Brammar News

By Jed Eatough, director LSGK Accountants

“Twice in two days I have had former clients call me to ask if we would mind LSGK taking them back to look after them.

“The key words here are ‘look after’. Obviously, the answer was yes but I suppose the question would be why they left in the first place?

“Possibly on price, we may not be cheap, but we know we offer value through a great service which others would struggle to compete with.  I also like to think we are trusted advisors who can help with other aspects of their business. Sadly, some clients only realise this once they have moved on.

“I have great admiration for these two businesses owners, they have seen the value we offer and have been able to swallow their pride and reached out to us again. I have no doubt they will be lifelong clients, in fact one of them has already referred an associate to us.

“It has made me realise that it is always worth keeping in touch with former clients. They may be dissatisfied with their new provider but not all are able to swallow their pride and get in touch to tell you so.”